Welcome to OUR new patient center!

Going anywhere new can be nerve racking... especially a new doctor's office! Filling out intake paperwork, meeting new people, and navigating the office can be a bit overwhelming. 

So we have created this New Patient Center to help remove any preventable stress or tension and make you as comfortable as possible during your first visit with our Arden chiropractic office. Please don't hesitate to call (828) 676-1276 with any questions leading up to your visit! If you are new to the Asheville area, we are happy to help you find your way to the office as well.

Necessary steps towards total health

The order of operations is important in your body, just like when building a house. Just like starting with a solid foundation ensures stability of a home, there are certain steps necessary for your body to heal and repair itself correctly. So to ensure proper strength and alignment, chiropractic treatment follows a logical progression, with three general stages:

STAGE 1: Relief Care

Unfortunately, many people wait until they are in severe pain before walking into a chiropractic office. At this point, the main goal of our Arden chiropractic office is to help you feel better by decreasing your pain. Dr. Gennett will suggest a treatment plan based on the severity of your situation until you are as close to pain-free as possible! During stage one, it is not unusual to receive chiropractic care more than once a week. Remember, getting you pain-free is the goal! 

STAGE 2: Corrective/Restorative Care

Once the pain is gone or significantly decreased, we can help prevent further injury by allowing the muscles and other tissues to heal more completely. Typically your visits will be more spaced out during this restorative phase, perhaps only 2-4 visits per month!

STAGE 3: Wellness Care

Following relief and restorative care, chiropractic treatment is all about preventative care! Now that your body has healed, you are able to come in for periodic adjustments based on your wellness and lifestyle goals. Our goal is not for you to be a forever weekly patient, but for you to be a forever advocate of the chiropractic treatment you received at our Arden chiropractic office. The mission is to have all of our patients healthy and enjoying all that the Asheville area has to offer!