At Next Gen Chiropractic, we are proud to provide the finest chiropractic wellness care
to all of our Asheville area patients.

find details of the most common chiropractic services
performed in our Arden office.


CHiropractic Treatment

Dr. Gennett provides spinal corrections using gentle chiropractic techniques. Significant advancements in chiropractic services have been made, and our Arden office makes sure to stay up-to-date. The newest spinal correction methods we offer are safer, more comfortable to patients, and more effective than ever before. Dr. Gennett will happily provide resources and talk through details of any treatment he performs! 



Every individual is unique, and our Arden chiropractic office makes sure that each patient is offered the best treatment plan for their situation. Patients are educated on strengthening exercises that can be performed at home to improve the lasting effectiveness of any spinal corrections received. Our everyday lives often cause muscles and connective tissues to be strained or misaligned. The corrective exercises our patients are equipped with help keep bodies healthy and balanced!

Blood Testing

To help you better understand your overall health, our Arden office now offers blood testing through Cell Science Systems. Find out any food sensitivities, Celiacs and IBD information, your adrenal stress profile, responses to vitamin d and much more. Choose from various options, and complete everything in-house!



As stated in our mission, Dr. Gennett is dedicated to helping patients get back on their feet and enjoying all that Arden and Western North Carolina have to offer. We often find that patients don't realize certain activities can aggravate or even cause the pain and discomfort they are experiencing. So all of our treatment plans include lifestyle advice to ensure patients can stay active in their favorite activities by confirming proper positioning and movement safety.



Did you know nutrition is the single most important factor in overall wellness? Our Arden chiropractic office educates patients on beneficial vitamins and supplements, and makes recommendations when appropriate. Certain combinations of supplements can actually counteract their individual benefits, so it is important to use them properly! Dr. Gennett can provide patients with healthy food plans just for them!

massage (woman).jpg


Besides just feeling great, massage therapy can increase blood circulation, relax muscles, reduce swelling, and help with range of motion recovery. Our Arden chiropractic office offers pamper and massage events on-site for local Asheville businesses and their employees. Learn more about these special offerings, or work with our in-office independent LMTs to experience the benefits of massage therapy today. 



Posture screenings are a quick way to demonstrate to individuals and patients how their positioning is influencing their pain or discomfort. Our Arden chiropractic office provides screenings at Asheville area community events, health fairs and local places of employment. Contact us today to arrange a screening!