Next Gen Chiropractic focuses on reducing the risk of pain and illness before it even begins.  


Our Mission

Nobody wants or chooses to be unhealthy, but sometimes we feel a bit out of control. 

Did you know chiropractic care isn't just for those experiencing back pain? Our Asheville chiropractic and wellness center sees a variety of patients ranging from those who are in pain to those who want to live a more vibrant life.

Using the latest tools and research in Chiropractic care, our Asheville chiropractor, Dr. Gennett, is dedicated to helping you back on your feet and enjoying all that Western North Carolina has to offer.

Next Gen Chiropractic hopes to improve wellness in our Arden and Asheville communities by not only treating existing conditions, but by encouraging patient wellness education.

Our Vision

Dr. Gennett's long term vision for the Arden chiropractic office is to create a full and all encompassing health and wellness center. A one stop place where locals and Asheville tourists alike can take care of their health and wellness needs. With so much going on in the world today and everyone being so busy, being treated at one centralized place is one less stressor on your life, mind and body.

the best of asheville health professionals

In order to be an all encompassing Asheville health and wellness studio, I have to have a great team. The old adage of teamwork makes the dream work is true.  We can only truly be successful when people can come together with a similar vision and common goals and work together to reach those goals. As this Arden chiropractic clinic grows, I'd love to incorporate physical therapists, massage therapists and other like-minded health professionals to the Next Gen team! 

Don't let pain become "normal" in your life. 


Dr. Gennett is like the Harry Potter of chiropractors. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing a great chiropractor.
— Vanessa Freeman