Is the popping noise a bad thing during adjustments?

Absolutely not! That popping sound is a release of gas that has built up within the joint.  Our whole body is made of elements and chemicals, and over the course of life these chemicals form gas within the joints. The popping sounds is totally normal, but remember...you don’t always have to hear that popping sound for the adjustment to be effective.

Should I pop my back or other joints myself?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! I put that in all caps to really drive the point home of NOT POPPING YOUR BACK OR YOU NECK BY YOURSELF.  Self adjusting can be very dangerous and you should only let a physician (like a Chiropractor) who has many many years of schooling to learn how to properly deliver an adjustment, adjust your spine. So stop letting your kids walk on your back.

As a chiro, do you do things other than adjustments?

Chiropractors are trained in so much more than just adjusting.  In fact Chiropractors get schooling in just about every subject you can think about.  Anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, cardiac physiology, neurology (did you know Chiropractors are considered experts in the field of neurology, pretty cool), as well as nutrition and sport performance and rehabilitation.

I have also taken many other extra certifications and extra classes to better understand sport rehabilitation and performance.  At my office we also work extensively with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Should athletes only see a chiropractor after an injury?

Seeing a Chiropractor after an injury is the wrong time to see a Chiropractor.  In fact, all 32 NFL teams employee a Chiropractor and every MLB team has a Chiropractor on staff.  Chiropractors are an essential tool major league teams utilize to keep their athletes happy and moving pain free.  That being said a Chiropractor has lots of experience treating sports injuries and helping athletes bounce back faster and smarter than before.

Are there age limitations on chiropractic treatments?

Yes, there are age limits to a Chiropractic treatment.  One minute too old when you're dead.

Will I always have to have chiro treatment once I start?

Chiropractic Care is so effective and efficient that when you see a Chiropractor and they help you get back to where you were before that you no longer need to see a Chiropractor. However, Chiropractic is so effective that many people see their Chiropractors long after the pain is gone because of the improved quality of life you receive from Chiropractic care.  Chiropractic does not only treat acute and chronic issues, but it helps the body function and heal better.  Improving your life as a whole person.