Dr. Gennett's Test Results!

Allergy testing that you receive during a traditional doctor visit doesn't always give you the full picture when it comes to food! Our Arden chiropractic office now offers blood testing through Cell Science Systems to help you gain total understanding of how the foods you eat affect your body on a daily basis! 

Why is this important? 

This type of blood analysis is not testing for the standard food allergies we normally think of... those food allergies where your throat closes and you go into anaphylactic shock. Instead, this type of testing determines what types of foods cause inflammation in your body on a cellular level.

These reactions in your body cause systemic inflammation and can lead to other serious health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, brain fog, fatigue and more!

In-office Blood draw

Thanks to our working relationship with Cell Science Systems, they will send a technician out to our office for your blood draw, and directly manage transport of all samples to their lab facilities! Easy peasy! All you have to do is schedule an appointment! 

Dr. Gennett's Results

Next Gen Chiropractic's very own Dr. Gennett recently had his blood drawn at our Arden office to be used for Alcat testing. Today, I'm sharing his results with you to show you what exactly results look like and how to use them!

Dr. Gennett's ALCAT Test Results

Dr. Gennett's ALCAT Test Results

So what do these results mean? 

Cell Science Systems suggests the following:

  • Strictly avoid Red foods for at least 6 months.
  • Strictly avoid Orange foods for at least 3-6 months
  • Foods in Yellow, avoid and rotate in your meals every 4 days (see below for example)
  • Green foods have no restrictions

Your Foods to Avoid - the Red List


There are several testing options that differ in how many foods you're testing the blood reactivity to... there are LOTS of foods, and the results walk you through what each and every food on your RED list are and nutritional information to be wary of as you try to avoid these ingredients! 

The Four Day Rotation into Meals


They suggest rotating yellow foods on a 4-day cycle, and provide you with an example schedule using your specific food results. Remember, these are guidelines only, but to truly gain the best understanding of your body's tolerance, we highly suggest giving it a shot! 


Dr. Gennett's Reactions

I sat and chatted with Dr. Gennett after he received his results and asked him if there were any surprises... anything he hadn't already picked up on through trial and error. His response? "Definitely!" 

We are both active in the CrossFit community, and a commonly used supplement is Whey Protein. This particular post-workout supplement helps provide our bodies with enough protein to meet the demands of our daily workouts. If you glance back to his results, you'll notice Dr. G has a moderate reaction to both Whey and Casein! That means he should alter his post-workout and recovery protein supplements! This was not a sensitivity Dr. Gennett was aware of, and he is eager to see the difference in performance levels after cutting these inflammatory sources out! 

Next Steps

For more information on getting tested in our office, contact us today!

We are happy to answer any questions about scheduling and/or pricing! 

Cell Science Systems offers many different testing options to find information on Alcat (like Dr. G's), Celiacs and IBD information, your adrenal stress profile, responses to vitamin d and much more!