Food allergies, Gut Bacteria & Autoimmunity

Let's talk about autoimmunity! Now I know what you’re thinking.  “Dr. Gennett, modern medicine doesn’t have a cure for autoimmunity and they don’t know what causes a lot of autoimmune conditions.  What can you tell me that modern science can’t?” That’s a good question. Let me explain.

Differentiating Rest from Active Recovery & Why You Should Be Doing Both!

Resting is great for your body, and allows it to fully recover and reap the benefits of all your hard workouts. But, for many of us, a rest day following an intense exercise day just means full on muscle soreness and stiffness as we zombie shuffle our way to refill our glass of water (yes, hydrate)! If you know the scene I'm describing well, you may benefit from some "active recovery" days!

History of Chiropractic Medicine

History of Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic treatment has a lot of controversy associated with it, and the word itself can leave some people weary. The modern version is still trying to overcome these negative connotations, and the progress is quite fascinating... but one thing that’s never changed is the belief that the human body is capable of healing itself if the circumstances are right!

Staying Younger Longer with Essential Oils

With infused water and pretzels in hand, guests were walked through 10 of doTERRA's best selling oils and blends. Dr. Gennett is hoping to quickly add some essential oils cleaning supplies to the office stock, and ensure that we ourselves are using only the best products to better serve our patients.

Coconut Oil & Why Our Doctor is Disagreeing with the AHA

Although coconut oil is over 90% saturated fat, consuming it will not increase your risk of heart attack or stroke as it is naturally anti-inflammatory. Remember that saturated fats, especially coconut oil, are not evil. A healthy & balanced diet that is high in vegetables, fiber and high-quality meats, but low in sugar and refined carbs, will keep you in tip-top shape for years to come.